WindSong Fields
                         {Linsca} Bernese Mountain Dogs & Flat Coated Retrievers

About Us

Scott and I met in 1997 and married in 2001.  We have three wonderful kids, Tate (14), Dane (11) and Evyn (9).  We started our menagerie of pets with Ottley and Cedar, our beloved Vizslas.  I have always had a passion for the Berner, but living in the carribean early in our marraige was not condusive to a snow loving Berner.   Once we settled into country life it became evident it was time to add to our family and hence "Siri" CH Jenda's Sirious Gold arrived.   We also acquired a little rescue mutt "Budi" our pug mix puppy.   Of course a farm wouldn't be complete without a few horses and some chickens and a handful of cats.   

In 2007 Scott and I were fortunate enough to buy a veterinary practice (Scott is a Vet) and I in turn was able to resign from a hectic sales job and settle into being a mom, managing the practice and pursuing my own dreams of animal husbandry, and dog training.   I made a wonderful connection with Jeni West a Berner Breeder and professional handler.  She has guided us through the process of showing, raising and breeding our dogs.   As a result of these activities we have come to know our "Heirborn" Kennel breeders (Flat Coat Retrievers) and "Kizmar" Breeder (Vizslas) As members of the veterinary community it is of great importance to breed responsibly.  We all too often see poorly bred purebred dogs with congentinal defects and preventable problems.  Most notably temperment problems.  We want to do our part to contribute only the best to these breeds in an effort to continue offering wonderful pets to families around the country.