WindSong Fields
           {Linsca} Bernese Mountain Dogs & Flat Coated Retrievers

 Champion Miss Lotzza Mozza   "Mozza"

 ~Mozza's Report Card~    

      Berner-Garde ID# 
      AKC Registration # WS
      OFA Cardiac: 
      OFA Patella: Practitioner Normal (finals completed at 2 years)
      OFA Thyroid 
      OFA Elbows: Prelim Normal (finals completed at 2 years)
      OFA Hips: Prelim Good (finals completed at 2 years)

     Champion Kizmar Takes the Cake "Butters"

 ~Butter's Report Card~   

      AKC Registration # 
      OFA Cardiac: 
      OFA Thyroid Eval. 
      OFA Elbows Normal: 
      OFA Hips Good: 
    Champion Jenda's Sirious Gold "Siri"
These days, Siri is the matriarch keeping all the youngins' in order.  She's an exceptional dog in style and personality.  She is very "Bernery"... in that she's so intent on being with her people.  I dare you to set a hand on your leg, as she'll gently nudge for a pet and never really relents.  She'll keep your feet warm and is so calm and gentle with small children she's a perfect advocate for the breed.  Now that she's done with her Championship in conformation we plan to work on her therapy title when the time is right.  We feel she offers so much love and could really warm the hearts of those who need that gentle comfort only a dog can offer
   ~Siri's Report Card~    Retired

      Berner-Garde ID# 65108
      AKC Registration # WS27456303
      CERF 7/20/09 Normal, entropian R. Eye October 2010
      OFA Heart Eval. Normal: BMD-CA2140/19F/P-VPI
      OFA Patella Normal: BMD-PA66/19F/V-VPI
      OFA Thyroid Eval. Normal: BMD-TH388/20F-VPI
      OFA Elbows Normal: BMD-EL7584F24-VPI
      OFA Hips Good: BMD-16138G24F-VPI
      VWD: Clear, not carrier
      DM: Carrier A/M
                   Grand Champion 
    Linsca Ascends Truuli Peak Summit   
Truuli: BOB and Group 4 Wohoo!
Introducing our first Bred and Owned show girl "Truuli".
She completed her Championship in April 2014 and we couldn't be more proud!  We are thrilled to begin the challenge of obtaining "Best of Breed" wins for her and moving her towards her Grand Championship.

Truuli is from the Beowulf x Siri Litter born 11/14/2012.  She has grown and blossomed into a replica of her momma.  She had an amazing first show at Nationals in Colorado, taking FIRST in her class, and second in the sweepstakes competition where she lost to her lovely littermate Lexi who recently completed her Canadian Championship.

      ~Truuli's Report Card~  Retired Jan. 2018

     AKC # WS42712504
     DOB 11/14/12
     DNA V681919
     OFA Hips: Unilateral Borderline Luxating, Other Normal
     OFA Elbows: Normal
     OFA Thyroid: Normal
     DM: SOD1 Clear, SOD2 carrying one copy, not at risk
     VonWillebrands: Clear
     Cardiac: Normal
     Cerf: Normal
     Berner-Garde # 98269


       Grand Champion 
Heirborn Heavenly Bawdy RN "Jane"
~Jane's Report Card~

     AKC # SR
     OFA Hips: Good
     OFA Elbows: Clear
     OFA Cardiac: Normal
     OFA Cerf: Normal
     OFA Thyroid:

      Holiday's Crown Jewel v Linsca  "Lucy" 
Lucy takes home the Major!
 ~Lucy's Report Card~    

      Berner-Garde ID# 129826
      DOB: 3/11/2015
      AKC Registration # WS49842601
      CERF BMD EYE1739/20F-PI
      OFA Heart Eval. Cardiologist: BMD-CA4607/20F/C-VPI
      OFA Thyroid Eval. Practioner Normal: Pending Final MSU
      OFA Elbows Normal BMD13F PREL
      OFA Hips Fair BMD13F PREL
      DNA: V783516
      VWD: GenSol Score A: Clear/Normal
      DM: GenSol Score B: Carrier/Not Affected SOD2
  Windfall's Juneau I Luv You v Linsca  "Lusa" 
                  Linsca's I'll Do It My Way  "Tonic"
    ~Tonic's Report Card~
        AKC Reg.# WS45882804
        DOB 11/26/2013
        Berner-Garde# 108724
        OFA Prelim Hips: Good
        OFA Prelim Elbows: Normal
        DM: Clear
"Going on a Bear Hunt" Tango & Polar
Tango & Polar
Merlot 3 months
Merlot 6 weeks
Merlot 6 weeks
Budi napping on "his" blanket ...Siri
"Siri" NEW Champion!
"Siri" Major Win
Siri first big win at 10 months
Siri at Nationals, makes the first cut! YEAH
Siri with her second Major
Tango 5 months old
Tango, just arrived from Colorado, 8 weeks
Tango, 5 months old