WindSong Fields
           {Linsca} Purposely Bred PureBred Dogs

 Grand Champion Bronze-Champion Miss Lotzza Mozza   "Mozza"
#1 Bitch Nationally 2018, 
#4 Bernese Mountain Dog.
 ~Mozza's Report Card~    

      Berner-Garde ID# 
      AKC Registration # WS
      OFA Cardiac: 
      OFA Patella: Practitioner Normal (finals completed at 2 years)
      OFA Thyroid 
      OFA Elbows: Prelim Normal (finals completed at 2 years)
      OFA Hips: Prelim Good (finals completed at 2 years)
  CHAMPION Windfall's Juneau I Love U Linsca  "Lusa" 
 ~Lusa's Report Card~    

      Berner-Garde ID# 138738
      DOB: 1/7/2017
      AKC Registration # WS55978104
      CERF: Normal
      OFA Heart Eval. Normal
      OFA Thyroid Eval. Pending
      OFA Elbows Normal 
      OFA Hips GOOD
      DNA: V865767
      VWD: Clear
      DM: Grade A: Clear
      DM SOD1B: Pending
      Histiocytic Sarcoma (Test SH) Grade B
      Holiday's Crown Jewel v Linsca  "Lucy" 
Lucy takes home the Major!
 ~Lucy's Report Card~    

      Berner-Garde ID# 129826
      DOB: 3/11/2015
      AKC Registration # WS49842601
      CERF BMD EYE1739/20F-PI
      OFA Heart Eval. Cardiologist: BMD-CA4607/20F/C-VPI
      OFA Thyroid Eval. Practioner Normal: Pending Final MSU
      OFA Elbows Normal 
      OFA Hips GOOD
      DNA: V783516
      VWD: GenSol Score A: Clear/Normal
      DM: GenSol Score B: Carrier/Not Affected SOD2

     Champion Kizmar Takes the Cake "Butters"

 ~Butter's Report Card~   

      AKC Registration # 
      OFA Cardiac: 
      OFA Thyroid Eval. 
      OFA Elbows Normal: 
      OFA Hips Good: 
       Grand Champion 
Heirborn Heavenly Bawdy RN "Jane"
~Jane's Report Card~

     AKC # SR
     OFA Hips: Good
     OFA Elbows: Clear
     OFA Cardiac: Normal
     OFA Cerf: Normal
     OFA Thyroid:

"Going on a Bear Hunt" Tango & Polar
Tango & Polar
Merlot 3 months
Merlot 6 weeks
Merlot 6 weeks
Budi napping on "his" blanket ...Siri
"Siri" NEW Champion!
"Siri" Major Win
Siri first big win at 10 months
Siri at Nationals, makes the first cut! YEAH
Siri with her second Major
Tango 5 months old
Tango, just arrived from Colorado, 8 weeks
Tango, 5 months old