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    Jenda's Furious Hopshifter v Linsca  "Surly"

Surly is the newest member of the Linsca crew.  Bred by Jeni West and Myself, we welcomed this sweet (big) boy into our program.  Surley is lovingly cared for by his guardian Ashley and Joe Edsall.  He is currently being trained as a therapy dog to care for his owner's PTSD.  He's almost 2 now and has passed all of his final and prelim health tests which is not common in this breed to have them be fully clear, so we couldn't be more pleased! 
 Surly's Report Card 

          DOB June 5, 2017

          OFA Hips: Prelims EXCELLENT Finals: GOOD
          OFA Prelims Elbows: CLEAR Finals: Normal
  OFA Shoulders: Finals Normal
  OFA Thyroid: Pending, currently "equivocal" 11/2019
          CERF Normal 
          Cardiac Normal 1/26/2013
          DM SOD1A: Clear
          DM SOD1B: Clear
          VonWillebrands: Clear
  Histiocytic Sarcoma (Test SH)= Grade C
          DNA# V861846
          Berner-Garde ID# 15356
Doran Decrees A Snow Day 
 Gorm's Report Card 


          OFA Hips: 
          OFA Elbows
          CERF Normal 
         Champion Holiday's Polar Express v Linsca RN  

Polar winning Best of Breed at just 14 months old and a 5 point Major!
We are so excited to welcome Polar to our home.  Standing 28" at the shoulder and 135lbs he's not disappointing in his presence!  We've always wanted a real flashy male that knows he's good looking hanging around.  This is an exceptional boy that is really going to shine in so many ways.  He's very steady and even in temperament already.  He likes to explore and see what's new in the world,  is smart and outgoing.   We couldn't be more pleased with our new pile of fluff.    The amount of bone, angle and strength in his drive already is quite compelling.  Keep and eye out for this fella, he's gonna turn some heads!  Polar completed his novice rally obedience title at 14 months old and his Championship at 16 months.. He'll be working on his good citizen and therapy titles soon.  We are very pleased to have such a compelling male available at Stud to approved Dams.
   Polar's Report Card 

  AKC# WS393464/01
          DOB 11/14/2011

          OFA Hips: EXCELLENT
          OFA Prelims Elbows: CLEAR
          OFA Elbows:  Left Clear,  Right Grade I
          CERF Normal 1/26/2013
          OFA Shoulder: Normal
          Cardiac Normal 1/26/2013
          DNA# V681917
          Berner-Garde ID# 85853
                        *Available at stud: frozen samples only.

** Polar passed away Feb. 1, 2018 of suspected Histiocyticsarcoma.  Pathology results are pending.   We miss him EVERY DAY! such a special dog that lives on in his offspring and grandchildren.  

    Silver Grand Champion 
         Heirborn Who'll Stop The Reign              "Bridger"
Multi BISS, RBIS, Group Placer

Bridger has entered the world of Bernese Mountain Dogs and fits right in!  He is the smartest most self assured dog we own.  I'm am constantly amazed by the speed at which he learns things.  He knocked a 5 point major out at his very first show and finished his Championship before we could blink.  We are excited to work on field hunting and retrieving along with some rally obedience. There's no doubt he will pick it up quickly.  He is just an amazing dog and we are very fortunate to have connected with the Heiborn kennel to start our Flat Coat experience in such an great way. 
     Bridger's Report Card

AKC# SR76007602
DOB  11/15/2012
OFA Elbows: Normal
OFA Shoulder: Normal
OFA Thyroid: Normal
Cerf: Normal
Cardiac: Normal
DNA: pending

Group Ring, getting ready to perform!
Look who made the Star Tribune paper!.. Polar!
Polar 10 months, hanging at the office with me.